Felony Bail Bonds

When you get a bail bond, you are guaranteeing perfect attendance for all court matters. Guilty or not guilty doesn’t matter, only that the defendant bailed and will go to all their court dates.You have two options. The first is cash bail, where you pay the total bail amount to the court. When the person you bailed (the defendant) is finished with all their obligations to the court, you will get that money back, less fees, in about 90 days. The advantage to cash bail is that the only money you’re out is the fees the court charges. The disadvantage is that, if the money was borrowed in the form of a credit card, interest and fees accrue for as long as the court holds the money.  It wasnt me Bail Bonds can help you with felony Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, FELONY BAIL BONDS in North Las Vegas as well we serve felony bail bonds in Henderson.