Type of Bail Bonds


While the courts prefer to keep alleged felons behind bars as they await trial, we fight for your freedom! Call GTFO Bail Bonds today!


We can arrange a misdemeanor bail bond for you as quickly as law enforcement processes you into the system. Bail Bonds in North Las Vegas, Bail Bonds in Las Vegas and Bail Bonds in Henderson.


We can be the difference between you spending weeks in jail as you await your DUI trial or getting to go home the same evening you contact us.


Get caught in Las Vegas with an illegal weapon, go to jail. Get caught using a weapon, go to jail. Or you can call us and go home!


We have years of experience in the bail industry and are experts at dealing with Las Vegas drug charges.


We can provide bail over the telephone or arrange a date and time to appear with you in person to get you freed right away.


When police are filing for domestic violence, someone will be arrested. When you call our bondsman, someone will be freed.


Regardless of which category you’re in, being locked up is not pleasant. There are fines to pay, phone calls to make, excuses to tell your boss and countless other things that must be dealt with clearly and logically.

Assistance is needed. And needed rapidly. Our bail bonds agents are here to help. Call GFTO Bail Bonds now at 702-432-2245